3 Crucial Considerations to Make Before Buying a Farm Tractor

Although there is a vast selection of agricultural tools and equipment on the market, farm tractors are one of the most essential, powerful and versatile pieces of farm equipment. When these machines are used together with farm implement and attachments, the possibilities for work are virtually endless. If you are in the market for a farm tractor, you should know that all tractors aren't created the same. Choosing the right tractor for your farm is vital to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. Read More 

Two Reasons Why It Is Important for Farmers to Be Extremely Careful About How They Store Their Stock Feed

If you run a farm, it is very important to store your stock feed correctly. Read on to find out why. To keep your livestock healthy It can be both stressful and expensive to deal with sick livestock. If one or more of your animals develop an illness, you may have to pay for a vet to examine and treat them. Following this, you may then have to spend a considerable amount of time monitoring and medicating them, so as to ensure that they make a full recovery. Read More 

Troubleshooting Guide When Water Isn’t Coming Out of Your Bore Water Supply System

Getting no water from your rural farm's bore water supply system? If so, there are several possible sources of the problem that you will need to be aware of. Here's a useful troubleshooting guide for you. Check water level inside the storage tank. Your bore water pump is designed to pump water out of your storage tank only when there is sufficient water inside the tank. If the water levels fall below a certain minimum, your pump will run dry and this can lead to extensive damage. Read More 

Is It Time to Upgrade to a Tractor for Your Homestead?

If you don't operate a large farm, you might not think you need an actual tractor. You may be able to care for the lawn with a riding lawnmower and assume that this is enough, but you may also be struggling with certain chores around your homestead that can be addressed with the strength and versatility of a tractor. Note when it might be time to upgrade to a tractor and how they can do much more for you than just tilling and harvesting. Read More 

Important Elements to Consider in Irrigation Water Quality Testing

The characteristics of water including chemical, physical and biological conditions are critical in determining the quality of water. It is important to understand these properties in your small-scale farming or gardening operation that relies on irrigation for growth. This is because the water quality will affect the rate of growth and productivity of the pertinent plants. Ideally, you can collect water samples and send them to a testing laboratory for analysis. Read More